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We empower each participant to make well-informed, prudent investment decisions.

D&G's retirement plan service model is a full-service solution.
D&G's retirement plan service model is a turnkey solution focused on low-cost, transparent investments, proactive Fiduciary Risk Management, and a multi-faceted Participant Education Program.

We have two goals:
To minimize Plan Sponsor fiduciary liability, and
To optimize Participants' potential for achieving their retirement savings objectives

D&G Retirement Plan Services advises plans of all types and sizes:
401k & 403b plans
Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE)
Profit Sharing Plans
Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans
Quality Investment Choices

Investment Advisory Services
As an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager, D&G serves as a co-fiduciary to the Plan, working in consultation with your investment committee to design a solid menu of investment choices.

D&G's investment menu includes a broad mix of low cost, risk-based portfolios comprised of objectively-selected, top-rated mutual funds that are screened through an 11-factor quantitative evaluation model. D&G-advised retirement plans typically offer approximately 20 investment options, which include model portfolios incorporating active as well as passive strategies, target date and/or lifestyle funds that cover the full risk spectrum from conservative principal protection to long-term growth. D&G's model portfolios have demonstrated excellent risk/return characteristics over time, and our fee-only approach means full fee transparency (no hidden advisor compensation) and the elimination of potential conflicts of interest.

Fiduciary Support
D&G serves as a co-fiduciary to your Plan and as Advisor to the Plan Sponsor on matters of fiduciary liability risk management. We proactively engage our clients in a coordinated Fiduciary Best Practices Program that includes:

1. Serving as a 3(38) Investment Manager, a co-fiduciary to the Plan, selecting, monitoring, rebalancing, and (when appropriate) replacing investments options
2. Assistance in formulation and periodic compliance review of an Investment Policy Statement
3. Advice on prudent selection of QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternatives) to fit Plan demographics
4. Consultation on formulation and periodic review of Best Practices policies and procedures
5. Assistance in creation and maintenance of Plan Sponsor Fiduciary File
6. Annual Plan Review Meeting with the Plan Sponsor
7. Periodic audit of individual participant accounts to ensure investment selections match participants’ stated risk tolerance, time horizon, etc.
8. Coordination with Plan Administrator to ensure participant notices are in compliance
9. Active monitoring of the regulatory environment in coordination with the Plan Administrator and reporting material developments to the Plan Sponsor

Participant Education
D&G participant education programs include a heavy emphasis on proactive, in-person service. Online and mail-based education resources are a valuable complement to, but not a substitute for, our on-site education services model, which are tailored to your plan.

D&G's multi-pronged Participant Education Program seeks to optimize participant outcomes by driving increased participation and by empowering each participant to make well-informed, prudent investment decisions.

This program includes:
On-site Enrollment and Investor Education Meetings
On-site one-on-one Participant Consultations
Robust online Investor Education and Retirement Planning Tools
Quarterly Participant Newsletters, customizable to your Plan
Retiree rollover advice and assistance

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